Thursday, March 1, 2012


This blog isn't cute or funny or entertaining like all the other blogs i read . Hell, even my family avoids it, that should tell me something.If i could show you their "Life is all sunshine and rainbows" blogs....well. Never mind. i just have nothing to say.

  Thank you, all you lovely people who have taken the time to come here.   You deserve a medal or something. You are all the best of all humanity.

    i was not made to blog.

    Goodbye, my dears, tracy

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ya Know.... have gained a ton of weight when, among the things your Mom ordered, for you comes a fancy Calorie Counter and Fitness Log and a less fancy set of sheets to fill out for the same reason.   i have no words. That i feel appropriate to write, that is! How about Sheeeeeeeeeet!

 So, life here in the Gateway to Nevada goes on was kind of an off day for me ...stayed in bed until after 11:30am, while my dilegent Mom went to church at 10:00am....well, we all know who is the Sinner/Slacker in this house!

 Don't know what to write ....just so very dissapointed in myself...NO, that is wrong. So ASHAMED of my self...willpower, what the fvck is that, i seem to have buried that with any dreams i may have had. Dead and gone. i HATE the big FAT fatty i have become, however, i know if it ment that much to me, i would obviously DO something. i drink the etoth to forget about what a stupid, ugly Sh#t i am.....then eat, and here is the disgusting result.

  And to face another day of me is sickening.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Thank You Mich, For The Award...

i am honored to write about 7 of the things that make me happy...if i don't finish on thiss be continued!

1. Chris, my hubby. Especially when he tells me about something ridiculious, hilarious or just plain absurd that happens to him as a teacher. And believe me, there are many! He is am amazing husband and storyterller. <3 Honey.

2. Sam, our son. he is delightful, funny and smart beyong belief. Now if we could just get him to emerge from his cave...kidding. i love when he makes witty and clever, intellent remarks to me. He sent me a wonderful, funny e-mail (i am at my Mom's ) that i treasure. Love you, my dear Son.

3. These adorable kids. i just want to take them all home with me. The song at 2:14 makes me want to cry as i has the great good fortune to see them perfom about 1 1/2 years ago and i fear i will not ever see them again. Anyhow, i love them! Umm, oops, video landed at the top, sorry, better early than never!

4. Losing weight. 'Nuff said.

5.  This video...Best ever! Get to it how ever you can!

6.  Another video i love this song so reminds me so much of things lost, but i love it so much still...lister to the lyrics...and the movie so sad.

7.  Collie puppies!

    i'm not sure who to pass this on to...seems like almost all the people i know have had it give to them, but i will try....In the Pink, A Beer for the Shower, Chief (Shauna) Phillips, Diana Hobbs. ...oh, dear, i will try to think of more, my brain is frazzled!

       Love you!  PS  Awwww, they put the edited version of the "Rock Star" song up...booooo!